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About DataShow

The future of work with the data

Hi there! If you're reading this, you're probably like me—spending lots of hours working with data (searching for it, visualizing it, analyzing it).

You probably are a frequent visitor of international public data aggregators: World Bank, IMF, WTO, WHO, and other. Moreover, I guess, you spend hours working with visualization tools like Excel.

But have you ever thought of having free and unlimited access to all this data and its customizable visualization in one app?

That's where DataShow comes in. We want to make work with data easier and less time consuming so you can spend more time making valuable analysis of this data.

As a first step, we are blending all your public data search into a web-application. Do you want to know GDP of the USA? Or how many alcoholics are in Germany? Maybe you want to know the biggest consumer of fuels or world’s main importer of cotton? Now you can find any public data using our Google-like search system: you need to start typing (at least 3 digits) and choose from dropdown list.

If you search for the indicator only, you get either sample for last available year for all available countries (when the source is World Bank), or time series for world or the United States. You can specify your search with country, year, and if there is such statistics – month or quartal; or sex (WHO).

To see what kind of statistics you can get asses to with our app, we prepared lists grouped by topics below our search line: by clicking on the indicator, you add it to your search line.

As a result of your search, you get data table which can be downloaded as .csv or .xlsx and a graph with the possibility to edit it using different colors, fonts, titles, and even axes.

Search for the data is now easy and fast. Make your analysis without data search barriers.

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