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DataShow Privacy Policy

1. What this Privacy Policy covers

This Privacy Policy (hereinafter, the “Policy”) covers any information about users of our products and services (hereinafter, “You”) that may include personal data as defined by applicable laws and regulations (hereinafter, “Personal information”), which DataShow LLC and (or) its affiliated entities, including all entities belonging to the same group as DataShow LLC (jointly referred to as “DataShow”), may obtain when you use any of the DataShow websites, programs, products or services, including its search, e-mail, or any other program, product or service (jointly referred to as, the “Services”), information about which you can find on, and other DataShow websites (collectively, the “Sites”), and as well as during the performance of any contract or agreement DataShow concludes with you in relation to your using the Services.
Please note that your using our Sites may be subject to additional terms and conditions, which may amend and/or supplement this Policy and (or) include specific privacy terms in relevant parts of legal documents for such Sites.

2. Who processes your personal information

To provide you with access to the Site, your Personal information is collected and used by DataShow which include DataShow LLC, a company incorporated under Russian law, with a head office registered at Volgogradsky avenue, Moscow, Russia (“DataShow” LLC).

3. What is the purpose of this Policy

Privacy and security of your Personal information are extremely important to us. When you use the Site, DataShow processes your Personal information and ensures its protection in strict compliance with applicable laws and regulations.
As part of our commitment to protecting your Personal information, we use this Policy to transparently inform you about the following:
(a) why and how your Personal information is collected and used (also, “processed”) by DataShow when you access the Sites;
(b) DataShow’s role and responsibilities in this context as the legal entity deciding why and how your Personal information is processed;
(c) what instruments you may use to limit the amount of Personal information collected by DataShow; and
(d) what your rights are in relation to the above processing.

4. What type of Personal information is collected by DataShow

Personal information collected by DataShow when you access, interact with or operate the Site includes an e-mail or any other personal information providing by you.
In addition, DataShow uses cookies to collect your Personal information and associate this Personal information with your device and web browser (see Section 11 below).
DataShow does not actively collect any sensitive personal data (such as racial origins, political opinions, health or biometric data) unless specified in Terms of Use of relevant Services. As we do not know in advance the potentially sensitive nature of the personal data you may provide to us, you must be aware that we may not be able to request your consent with such processing.
DataShow does not perform any form of profiling, which has the potential to significantly impact your rights and freedoms in accordance with applicable laws.

5. What are the legal basis for processing your Personal information and the purposes of it

DataShow is not allowed to process your Personal information if it does not have a valid legal ground. DataShow will therefore only process your Personal information if:
(i) the processing is necessary to perform our contractual obligations towards you including providing you with Site (i.e. providing you with the results of your search query);
(ii) the processing is necessary to comply with our legal or regulatory obligations;
(iii) in case it is provided by applicable law, the processing is necessary for the legitimate interests of DataShow and does not unduly affect your interests or fundamental rights and freedoms. Please note that when we process your Personal information on this basis, we will always seek to maintain a balance between our legitimate interest and the protection of your privacy.
Examples of such ‘legitimate interests’ referred in (iii) immediately above are:
(a) to better understand how you interact with our Site;
(b) to enhance, maintaining accessibility, modify, personalize or otherwise improve the Site for the benefit of all users; and
(c) to offer you other products and services from DataShow or other companies which we think can be of interest to you (i.e. personally-targeted advertising).
(iv) for specific purposes or if consent is required under the applicable laws and regulations, we may ask your consent for processing of your Personal information. In those jurisdictions in which consent is the legal basis, you provide such consent by agreeing to use our Site. We hereby inform you, and you hereby acknowledge, that you have no legal obligation to provide us with any Personal Information when you use the Site, and the provision of it is solely based on your free will. However, you are aware that without the provision of Personal Information, we will not be able to provide you with Services and your use of the Sites will be limited.
DataShow always processes your Personal information for a specific purpose and only processes Personal information, which is relevant to achieve that purpose. In particular, we process your Personal information for the following purposes:
(i) to contact you to notify and/or inform you or request information from you in relation to the Site, or to execute our agreements with you or process your request or application;
(ii) to develop new products, applications and services;
(iii) to protect your rights and the rights of DataShow; and
(iv) to collect, process and present statistical data or big data, or perform other research and/or analysis of Personal information.
DataShow uses the Received Data to provide you with the functions of Email Client. The Received Data is not offered for use by third parties, displaying advertising materials and other purposes related to unauthorized access to the content of your correspondence.

6. How DataShow protects your Personal information

In most cases, Personal information is processed automatically without access to it by our staff. However, if such access is necessary, your Personal information can be accessed only by those DataShow employees whose professional tasks require using this information. To protect your Personal information and ensure its confidentiality, these employees must comply with internal rules and follow protocols for processing Personal information. They are also required to follow all technical and organisational security measures protecting your Personal information.
DataShow has also implemented adequate technical and organisational measures to protect Personal information against unauthorised, accidental or unlawful destruction, loss, alteration, misuse, disclosure or access and against all other unlawful forms of processing. These security measures have been implemented taking into account the state of the art of the technology, their cost of implementation, the risks presented by the processing and the nature of Personal information.

7. Who else has access to your Personal information and who is it shared with

7.1 Within the DataShow group
DataShow may transfer your Personal information to our employees (within the limits set out in Section 6 above).
7.2 Outside the DataShow Group
DataShow may also transfer Personal information to third parties outside the DataShow Group to complete the purposes listed in Section 5 above. Please note that the level of protection of Personal Information in some countries may not be identical to the level in your jurisdiction and by using the Services you consent to such transfer.

8. Where your Personal information is stored and processed

DataShow stores Personal information in the Russian Federation and outside of it.
For users in Russia: DataShow records, systematizes, accumulates, stores, clarification (updates, changes), extracts Personal information of the citizens of the Russian Federation using databases located on the territory of the Russian Federation.
For users outside Russia: DataShow records, systematizes, accumulates, stores, clarification (updates, changes), extracts Personal information using databases located on the territory of the United States of America.

9. How long we store your Personal information

DataShow will only keep your Personal information for as long as it is necessary to fulfil the purpose for which it was collected or to comply with legal and regulatory requirements.

10. Your rights

10.1 What are your rights
If it is provided by applicable law, you have a right of access to your Personal information as processed by DataShow under this Policy.
If it is provided by applicable law, you also have the right to:
learn the information about you that DataShow stores;
request erasure of your Personal information or certain parts of it, as well as withdraw consent to the processing of the Personal information;
request the restriction of the processing of your Personal information;
object to the processing of your Personal information if it is provided by applicable law.
DataShow will honour any such requests or objections as required under applicable law.
To the extent provided by applicable law, you may be subject to other rights not specifically mentioned herein.
10.2 How can you exercise your rights
To exercise the above rights, please contact us:
If you are not satisfied with how DataShow processes your Personal information, please let us know and we will investigate your concern. If you are not satisfied with DataShow’s response, you have the right to make a complaint to the competent data protection authority.

11. Why we use cookies and other similar technologies on the Sites or using the Services

11.1 What cookies DataShow uses and why
Cookies are small text files accepted and processed by device that you use to access our Sites. They contain information that is collected from your device and sent back to the Site on each subsequent visit. Their use helps your navigation through the Site and allows us remember your needs in public data.
The following types of cookies are used on the Sites:
strictly necessary cookies / technical cookies: these cookies are required to run the Site and provide you with the Services and may, among other, allow DataShow to identify your hardware and software, including your browser type;
statistical / analytic cookies: these cookies enable us to recognise users, count the number of users and collect information such as your actions on the Site, including public data you search for and the content you retrieve;
performance cookies: these cookies collect information about how users interact with our Site, enabling us to identify errors and test new functionalities to improve the performance of the Site;
functionality cookies: these cookies enable us to provide specific functionalities in order to improve your experience on the Site, for example by storing your preferences;
11.2 How long are those cookies stored on your device
DataShow only uses the information contained in the cookies for the above purposes, after which the data collected will remain stored on your device for a period that may depend on cookies type, but no longer than necessary to achieve their purpose and will be automatically removed from your system thereafter.
11.3 Who else has access to the information contained in the cookies
Personal information collected through cookies placed on your device may be transmitted to and accessed by DataShow or the third parties referred to in Section 7 hereof. The use of Personal information outside of the Sites for advertising purposes, if any, may be subject to separate policies available on the above third parties’ websites. DataShow or those third parties might also provide you with a possibility to opt out of personalized advertising, which shall be subject to laws and regulations applicable to such products, utilities and offerings.
The first time that you access the Site, your approval for the use of these cookies may be requested. If after you have approved the use of cookies you want to make another choice, you can do this by deleting the cookies stored by your browser (usually via the options in your browser’s Privacy menu – please refer to your browser’s manual or developer’s website). The popup requesting your approval may then show up again and you can make a different choice. If you do not consent to the use of cookies, certain features of the Site might become unavailable, which may affect your experience. You may also set up your browser preferences to accept or decline by default all cookies or cookies from specific websites, including the DataShow Site.

12. Updates to this Policy

This Policy may be subject to amendments. DataShow shall be entitled to make such amendments at its own discretion, including, without limitation, to reflect changes in applicable legislation or amendments to the Site.
DataShow undertakes not to introduce significant changes, imposing additional obligations or reducing your rights under this Policy without proper notice to you. You will be notified about such changes. If applicable, changes will be announced on the Sit (e.g. via a pop-up or web banner) prior to such changes taking effect, and you may also be notified via other channels (e.g. by email) if you have provided us with your contact details.

13. Questions and Suggestions

We welcome your questions or suggestions concerning implementation of or amendments to this Policy. To contact us please use following e-mail:
You can also use this e-mail to exercise your rights or report any inaccuracies in your Personal information or protest its processing.